Shameless Self Promotion

Let us show you what we can do. Here'a a short list of recently completed projects.

Latest Client Projects

Android Music Education App

Designed for anyone wishing to learn musical techniques by watching YouTube, Riff Grabber is an Android app that enables users to create a library of YouTube videos. Each video clip in the library can be watched by clicking the video thumbnail. When in video editing mode, users can trim the video, with start and stop points, to play only a specific segment of content. Text annotations and notes can be added to each library item. In play mode, users can watch just the portion of the video trimmed. Selecting “Loop Mode” plays a clip over and over, freeing your hands to concentrate on the music.

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Software Development Process

Resorts International required a web service platform to replace a legacy software system to manage property listings and user accounts. Working with the client, Escape Radius developed a Website Content Management Plan (usecases, conceptual user interfaces, interaction diagrams, etc.) that mapped previously developed software into a multi-purpose content management system.

LandApp Mobile Property Data Search

Landmax Data required a mobile application to supplement their web based data repository. This Android mobile application enables registered clients to search Landmax’s online collection of New York State real property data.

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Furniture Manufacturer with Online Sales

Klassic Furniture is a custom cabinet and furniture manufacturer located in Honeoye Falls, NY. The owner, a talented craftsman, designed several prototype stirring paddles for a local brewery. Sensing the micro-brewery industry had no suppliers of this type of product, Klassic desired an e-commerce website to market brewery paddles to a national market. Escape Radius created a fully responsive website based that incorporated a PayPal shopping cart to process orders.

Real Property Data Analysis

Landmax required a web mapping solution to display real property assessment information. This application utilizes the OpenLayers web mapping architecture to layer property data and tax maps over a street level map. PDF tax maps are converted into a hierarchy of geo-located map tiles and delivered to the OpenLayers client through a custom web service.

Corporate Video

A corporate overview video for Advanced Design Consulting, describing describing their engineering and scientific capabilities. The company provides devices, integrated systems and a broad array of high-precision components and instruments to commercial, academic and government agencies worldwide.