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Projects Using: mapping

Bernhardt Furniture Retail Locator

This PHP web application interfaces geographic locations (retail outlets) to the Google Maps API. The program consists of two sections, the public mapping interface and an administration backend. Within the administration control panel, a program administrator can upload, inspect, and manage location data as well as configure display aspects of the public interface.

Unique to the administrative section is a set of functions that assign latitude and longitude coordinates to records in the database. The Google Maps API provides a set of functions to obtain geographic coordinate information from street addresses. To implement this, a set of JavaScript HttpRequest functions were used access the Google geo-coding API. The obtained latitude and longitude coordinates were then saved to a MySQL database.

Retail locations are retrieved from the database when website visitors enter a point of origin (city, postal code or map click) and a search radius.

Server side code for this program was developed using the CodeIgniter MVC framework.

LandApp Mobile Property Data Search

Landmax Data required a mobile application to supplement their web based data repository. This Android mobile application enables registered clients to search Landmax’s online collection of New York State real property data.

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Real Property Data Analysis

Landmax required a web mapping solution to display real property assessment information. This application utilizes the OpenLayers web mapping architecture to layer property data and tax maps over a street level map. PDF tax maps are converted into a hierarchy of geo-located map tiles and delivered to the OpenLayers client through a custom web service.